Seven Dollar VoIP provides a low cost end-to-end VoIP solutions for you, your family or business.

We can save you a tonne of money, contact us and we’ll run some calculations to show you just how much!

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We run our PBX’s in the cloud, this allows us to recover from a failure in minuets as we have NO hardware limitations.

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Running a business? We can help with your bottom line, our pricing is low and predictive. Check out our other awesome features!

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Key Features
Cloud Servers

Located in premium datacenters in France and Canada, we can provide a good service to our global customers.

Full Business PBX Features

Running a business? No need for an onsite solution! We can do the same thing for a significant fraction of the cost.

Easy Zoiper Setup

Once we have approved your account, we will send you a QR code to setup Zoiper on your mobile. Or if you need to setup a desk phone just email us the make and model!