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Setup Zoiper on Windows

Follow this guide to install Zoiper on windows then come back here to configure it! Click Next Fill in the details as shown, you’ll be sent them in this format; N: CALLERID S: U: USER P: PASS Then click next And next again to finish the setup

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UK Number Locations

See below for a list of all area codes we support in the UK 33003  UK-wide national 800 UK 800 Freephone 845 UK NGN (non-geographic) 08XX 844 UK NGN (non-geographic) 08XX 1224 Aberdeen 1970 Aberystwyth 1252 Aldershot 1507 Alford (Lincs) 1665 Alnwick 1420 Alton 1276 Ascot 1335 Ashbourne 1364 Ashburton 1233 Ashford 1297 Axminster 1296

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